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By Luciano Canepari

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Clicks Voiced implosives Ejectives Ö Bilabial | Dental ! (Post)alveolar õ Palatoalveolar ~ Alveol. lateral ñ Ã á Ÿ ä Bilabial Dental/alveol. Palatal Velar Uvular « as in: p« Bilabial t« Dental/alveol. k« Velar s« Alveol. fricat. Front Close-mid Open-mid Open Voiceless labial-velar fric. Voiced labial-velar app. Voiced labial-palatal app. Voiceless epiglottal fric. Voiced epiglottal fric. Epiglottal plosive ¿ B À Ï Voiceless alveolo-palatal fric. Voiced alveolo-palatal fric. Alveolar lateral flap Simultaneous S and x ˜ A‡ricates and double articulat.

If the palatograms of the constrictives, (†, s, S) are compared to those of the corresponding stopstrictives, (‡, q, c), this di‡erence becomes clear immediately. 17) the palatograms –and dorsograms– which show the di‡erence for the voiced alveolar articulation between stop, (D), and (bi)lateral, (l), in addition to unilateral, (ô), and constrictive, (¡), as well (although these do not occur in the 12 languages of the HPr). 11. 17, first row) give a new perspective, which is not longitudinal but instead transversal.

6. 36). It highlights mostly its defects and global deficiencies, however. ˛e first section gives the o‚cial pulmonic consonants, which are 58 (with a minor addition of ten çother symbolsÇ). 36. O‚cial IPA Chart (1996). ¤~†™®~冤ø~å¬ π∆ø~™†¤© å¬π∆å∫™† (o‚cial, revised 1993 and corrected in 1996) ©ø~ßø~å~† (𨬵ø~¤©) Plosive Bilabial Labiodent. Dental Alveolar Postalveol. Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular p t ˛ à N © ˝ N k g ˙ › G , K # ß Ω  x ‚ X º Nasal Trill Tap or ∫ap Fricative Lateral fric. (˝) F b m ∫ M B f v † ∑ d n r R s z !

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