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By A. J. Thomson

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The workouts can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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Ключевые чертыОбъяснения включают секцию Grammar in motion, которая объясняет, как используются грамматические явленияУпражнения представлены в контексте предлагаемых к прочтению или прослушиванию текстов и диалогов часто встречающихся в повседневной жизниРамки note concentration представляют интересные идиоматические выраженияБанк заданий Over to you в конце книги предлагает тренировку к реальным ситуациям, что делает данную серию книг привлекательной для подростков и взрослыхУровни hassle-free и Pre-Intermediate помогают в подготовке студентов к экзамену KET, а уровень Intermediate – к экзамену puppy

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She objects very much to the noise they make. much (= greatly), with or without very, can be used with the participles admired, amused, disliked, distressed, impressed, liked, shocked, struck, upset: He was (very) much admired. She was (very) much impressed by their good manners. much meaning a lot can modify comparative or superlative adjectives and adverbs: much better much the best much more quickly much too can be used with positive forms: He spoke much too fast. most placed before an adjective or adverb can mean very.

I've been looking for you everywhere! Who ever told you I'd lend you the money? I've no money at all! ever here is not necessary in the sentence but is added to emphasise the speaker's surprise/astonishment/anger/irritation/dismay. It has the same meaning as on earth/in the world. Such sentences are always spoken emphatically and the intonation will convey the speaker's emotion: Why ever did you wash it in boiling water? (dismay) Who ever are you? ) Who ever left the door open? ) Where ever have you put my briefcase?

G Subject + be + adjective/participle + infinitive with: able/unable; apt, inclined, liable, prone; prepared, not prepared (= ready/willing/unwilling), reluctant; prompt, quick, slow: We are all apt to make mistakes when we try to hurry. I am inclined to believe him. I am prepared/ready to help him. He was most reluctant to lend us the money. He was slow to realise that times had changed = He realised only slowly that times had changed. 27 A Adjectives + infinitive/that-clause/preposition constructions due, due to, owing to, certain, sure, bound, confident due, used of time, can take an infinitive: The race is due to start in ten minutes.

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