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By Baker A.A.

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4,5], Rogers, et al. e. composite repairs that incorporate VEM, to prevent the further growth of costly “nuisance” cracks. This is a passive damping technique aimed at reducing high-cycle fatigue. Rogers, et al. [6] noted that the general application of passive damping techniques which involve using VEM were rarely used for high-cycle fatigue environments because the necessary design information such as operating temperatures, resonant frequencies, and strain levels were difficult to obtain. They further reported that aircraft structures are often susceptible to resonant high-cycle fatigue due to the low intrinsic damping of the material since rms stress levels are highly dependant on modal damping.

Crack growth rate for 7075-T6 with increasing K,, [16]. 26 will lead to conservative estimates of crack length. 26 has been extrapolated to determine the approximate crack growth rate for cases less than mm/cycle. Using these data insignificant crack growth has been calculated, after the 6000 h, for all the highly-damped patch configurations considered. Crack growth data for 4% Cu-A1 alloy subjected to high frequency bending, given in [16], also indicates negligible crack growth for all the highly-damped patch configurations considered.

0 1E-1 5 100 1000 10000 Frequency ( H r ) Fig. 21. O mm thick damping layer with [0/90] boron/epoxy constraining layer and an 80 mm wide by 77 mm long boron/epoxy reinforcement. constraining layer and a 80 mm wide by 77 mm long boron/epoxy patch. This figure shows that vibration mode 1 contributes up to 99% of the overall stress intensity ( K I ) ~Similar ~ ~ . results were found for all the other highly damped repair configurations investigated. 3. Stress intensity Juctor Stress intensity factors are computed at the inside and outer surfaces of the skin.

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