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Fisher's predictions were soon confirmed and the two antibodies having the reactions expected of them, were apparently discovered. These six antibodies were recognising six antigens which Fisher called C and c, D and d and E and e. Each person might inherit one of each of these three pairs from one parent (it might be CDe for example) and another trio from the other parent. Thus the antigenic structure, or genotype, of a single individual might be expressed, thus, CDe/cDE as an example. The seven sets of antibody reactions given in Table I I I were thus seven of the eight possible combinations of CcDdEe ; and Fisher again successfully predicted the discovery of the eighth combination which was found in a sample of cells a few years later.

This is t h a t the red cells are not furnished with the antigen directly but they absorb it from the plasma. This can also be accomplished in vitro ; cells lacking Le a will become Le a positive after exposure to plasma containing Le a ; and the same can be shown for Le 6 . Newborn infants lack the Lewis antigens at birth, but a few weeks later the antigens appear in the plasma and are absorbed on the cells. The genes t h a t govern the development of these Lewis antigens, therefore, do not equip the red cells with the antigen but provide for its appearance in the plasma and in the bodily secretions such as saliva.

First family son Group 0 [00] Second family Mother Group A [AO] Father Group B [BO] daughter Group 0 [00] Father Group A [ΑΧΑ2] son Group AB Mother Group A 2 B twins daughter son Group A Group A2B [A,A2] The genotypes of the other groups are more straight­ forward ; Group B persons must be either BB or BO, Group AB persons must be either A X B or A 2 B and Group O persons must all be 0 0 . I n Britain the frequencies of these groups is A 44-7 per cent. , AB 3-2 per cent. ) and O 43-5 per cent.

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