Archives from Elephantine: Life of an Ancient Jewish by Bezalel Porten PDF

By Bezalel Porten

Xxi + 421 pp. with 15 figs. & 14 plates, octavo.

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Posener, op. , 1 1 7ff, Nos. 24-2 5. 101 For differing opinions as to the meaning of both the letter and the two inscriptions cf. F. K. Kienitz, op. , 67f and A. T. Olmstead, op. , 227f, 234f. 26 J E W S AND ARAMEANS IN E GYPT control became much tighter once i t was quelled. 7 ) . In an Aramaic document of February 17, 484, the left side of which has been torn away, Hosea b. Hodaviah and Ahiab b. Gemariah acknowledged receipt from (the boatman? ) Espe[metJ of some fifty ardabs of barley and lentils which they undertook to deliver to the centuries of Betheltqm and Nabuslw under penalty of 1,000 shekels ( C 2-3 ) .

Olmstead, History of the Persian Empire, 141f. 81 For the route of the canal, see G. Posener, op. , 1 80f. 84 Possibly an Aramaic copy of the Canal text was left with the garrison at Tell el-Maskhuta just as a copy of the Behistun text was sent to the Elephan­ tine garrison. Both would inform the soldiers of the might of Darius I and of the vast empire whose southwestern border they were guarding. Only fragments of the original text (Pars. 86 Shortly after his return to Persia in 518, Darius wrote to Aryandes asking him to assemble wise representatives of the soldiers, priests, and scribes and to have them record the law ( hP) of Egypt as it existed down through the last year of Amasis.

Pritchard, op. , 322. 14 J EWS AND ARAMEANS IN E GYPT did send a force from Egypt whose effect was to draw off, temporarily, the Babylonian force besieging Jerusalem Oer. 37: 5ff) . Were the Jews who lived in the Egyptian border forts of Tahpanhes ( Daphnae) and Migdol (Jer. 44: 1 ) among Pharaoh's mercenaries? Had they taken part in this unsuccessful expeditionary force? , the government house;3 in Tahpanhes, thus implying a close connection between the Jews and these official quarters (Jer. 43 :8ff) .

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