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It is a very wide big plane but actually there is no wide or big or anything there; we just have to use those English words to try to understand it. Coming down from higher planes is condensation or contraction. All things must contract in order to become stable. So your Talisman must embody that force in it somewhere. There is another matter here that I believe I will speak of although actually it doesn’t seem to quite belong here. It does fit in somewhat and it does have something to do with magical work and in this book I am trying to confine things to Talismans and their actions.

I have also included a useful book list at the back of this book, listing those books which I think will help you in your Occult studies. Charging a Talisman Now we come to the important part of how to bring the Talisman to “life,” to connect the object you have chosen to be the Talisman with the “Current” that will create a living “outlet,” as it were, for that particular Current, also designated Force. In a modern sense we can imagine this outlet as an electrical “outlet” wall plug into which we plug the Talisman instrument, which we can imagine is like an electrical appliance or electrical motor, then running on the Power coming from the Inner Planes of the Physical Cosmos.

She learns this way: she takes a pad and a pencil and writes down a list something like: (1) Open door. (2) Get in and sit down. (3) Take out this thing called a Key. (4) Put the key in the hole there. (5) Turn key to the right, until engine makes a noise. (6) Take this lever here and put it there, and so on and so on. But that is no way to learn how to drive a car because she hasn’t the faintest idea of what she is doing and why! That is not the way that I want you to learn about the Occult. I want you to know what you are doing and why you are doing it and what you are doing it for, and then to do it.

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