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Эта книга описывает различные искусственные спутники, которые можно наблюдать даже не вооружённым взглядом, от Международной Космической Станции и до всевозможных спутников-шпионов разных стран. Ричард Шмуде подробно их описывает, как они могут наблюдаться любителями, как их распознать, и как предсказать их орбиты, как их сфотографировать и какие исследования доступны любителям при таких наблюдениях.

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Fig. 32. Large radio dishes in China are located in six different areas spanning almost 50° of longitude. The radio dishes are up to 50 m across. ). Satellite Lifetime Several factors affect a satellite’s lifetime. For example, our Sun may cause our atmosphere to expand. This would lead to a satellite slowing down and burning up in the atmosphere. See Fig. 33. A collision with a small object may destroy instruments. According to a NASA website, one of the Themis satellites was struck by an object in October 2010.

The TMC recorded about 70,000 images. One image set shows the 30 km crater De Roy in the forward (fore), nadir and backward (aft) positions. The shadows are different in these positions. Different viewing angles cause this. Indian astronomers constructed maps of most of the north and south polar regions of the Moon from TMC images. Over 80% of the areas south of 85°S and north of 85°N are in these maps. htm. 13. 1 W) X-ray spectrometer Image the Moon’s surface at different wavelengths Sreekumar et al.

258 Sparrow (2009) p. 258 Sparrow (2009) p. 258 Schmude (2010) McDowell (2004) Sky and Telescope (2011b) a Scientific Satellite Spacecraft We are not certain when the samples were collected because of equipment glitches and Mars and (5) phenomena beyond our Solar System. A sixth category, space telescopes, study many targets. 11. Our atmosphere distorts images and is opaque to many wavelengths. Since the nineteenth century, astronomers have built observatories on mountains to minimize the degradation caused by our atmosphere.

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