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R. Stow's The "1007Anonymous" andPapal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptionsof thePapacyandPapalPolicy in theHighMiddleAges,in HebrewUnionCollege AnnualSupplements4 (Cincinnati,1984), and Chazan'sreviewof it in Speculum62 (1987): 728-731. And againsee Stow in AlienatedMinority(Cambridge,1994),p. 95. 90. The two Latinreportsareby RaoulGlaberin J. P. Migne,PatrologiaLatina,vol. 142, col. 635, and Adhemarde Chabannesin M. Bouquet,Recueildes historiensdes Gaul et de la France, 10:152. Also in B. Blumenkranz,Le auteurschritiensLatinsdu MoyenAge sur les Juifs et le Judaisme(Paris, 1963), pp.

And He ShouldLive by Them"(Hebrew),in Sanctityof Life,pp. 69-83. 65. San. Z. 27b; Pes. 3, 21b. 66. Oneof the purposes of these narrativesis to validatethe halakhicrulings,but theirlegal implicationsneed to be deduced. 67. "R. Moreover,she writes: "Friedmann (Atlanta,1977),vol. " 1, p. xxxvii. Eliminationof recompensedismisseddoubtsaboutselfishness andmade it clearthatthe traditionalconceptof reverencealone inspiredthe martyrs,theirsole aim being to avoidtransgression. , in accordancewith the halakhicview, they did not take theirown lives), and (3) they do not directlyassociatethe act with recompense.

In a message reminiscentof the languageof Pope JohnVIII, Pope Leo IV, and Pope Leo IX (Migne,PatrologiaLatina, vol. 126, col. "H. E. J. Cowdrey, The Epistolae Vagantesof Pope GregoryVII(Oxford, 1972), pp. 13, 29. Otherstatements of the same kind are found in Migne, PatrologiaLatina,vol. 148, col. 329. See also the andthe FirstCrusade,"in CrusadeandSettlement, importantstudiesof Cowdrey,"Martyrdom ed. W. P. Edbury(Cardiff,1985), pp. 46-56; J. Riley-Smith,TheFirst Crusadeand the Idea of Crusading(Philadelphia,1986), pp.

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