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Of all of the fastened stars within the evening sky, Sirius is through a long way the brightest – nearly two times as shiny as its nearest rival, the big name Canopus, which lies too some distance south to be considered from many of the Northern Hemisphere. in basic terms the sunlight, Moon and the planets Venus, Jupiter and, now and then, Mars, seem brighter. Sirius, with its flashing brilliance, is a amazing function of the northern wintry weather sky and has understandably drawn the eye of observers of the evening sky for hundreds of thousands of years.
Sirius has many names. Astronomers realize over fifty designations for the megastar, however the most typically used is Alpha Canis Majoris, the brightest megastar within the constellation Canis significant. This isLatin for the 'Great Dog', which has resulted in its renowned nickname the ‘Dog Star’. Over the centuries many ideals have become linked to Sirius. a few of these ideals nonetheless echo in such words as ‘the puppy days of summer’, which the traditional Romans understood good. different previous ideals some time past fell from public realization — purely to be revived and to develop into glossy renowned and medical controversies. even supposing those ideals could appear particularly fresh, many have their origins within the historic lore surrounding Sirius; people appear certainly attracted to its brilliance, and a shocking variety of smooth cults have nucleated round ideals within which Sirius performs a sought after function.

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In ancient India Sirius was often associated with hunting. In Sanskrit its title was the "Deer-Slayer" and the "Hunter". The sacred Hindu texts, the Vedas, also refer to Sirius as Tishtrya, and variously as Tishia, Tishiga, or Tistar, "The Chieftain's Star". In Arabic, Sirius is known as Al Shi'ra, which clearly resembles the Greek and other names of the star. In later Islamic astronomical texts Sirius is called Al Kalb Al Akbar, for the "Greater Dog", following earlier Greek practice. Sirius is mentioned in several places in the Quran, the only star to be explicitly identified, other than the sun.

M. Bonnet-Bidaud, revisited some of the sites mentioned by Griaule and conducted measurements of alignments of the markers which seemed to confirm that they could have been used for the purpose of marking the heliacal rising of Sirius. Since prehistoric times, the skills necessary for navigating between the small island groups and atolls, which spread across the vast expanses of the central Pacific Ocean, required a highly-developed practical knowledge of the stars, the constellations, and their motions.

It was the Empyrean where the "music of the spheres" was believed to be generated and where Dante was led by Beatrice in the Divine Comedy. The working details of this universe were a matter of debate and speculation. Was the number of stars countless, or simply the 1022 catalogued by Ptolemy? Were the stars self-luminous or did they reflect the light from the sun? How distant was the stellar sphere and did it possess a substantial thickness? Although there were differing opinions on these points, the consensus was that Ptolemy's visible stars populated a thin eighth sphere, and like the planets they merely reflected the light of the sun.

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