Babylonian magic and sorcery : being "The prayers of the by L W King PDF

By L W King

ISBN-10: 348705616X

ISBN-13: 9783487056166

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Study sciences till you are blind Study intellectuals till you are cold Yet science cannot teach intellect. ” To Blake, the star-crossed intellect is the contrary of the sunny imagination, and he says that unless the intellect is emotionally joined to the imagination (as in Beulah and Eden), the spectrous intellect inevitably leads to self-cruelty and defeat, as in this suit. Nevertheless, every card in the suit can also be interpreted within the framework of self-understanding and learning, and each points to imagination as the means of elevating Science into the true arts of man.

Mercy and justice are contraries, while the negation of mercy is cruelty. Other major Blakean contraries are: heaven & hell, joy & woe, innocence & experience, liberty & society, convention & revolt, ecstasy & despair, and time & space. Putting these terms together we discover such poetic and mystical paradoxes as: conventional revolt, revolting conventionality, the ecstasy of despair, crying for joy, a liberal society, innocent experience, heaven in hell, and rational images. In the card, Milton sits right foot forward, his right hand plucking the strings of a seashell lyre; he represents the spiritual sentiments, and his long hair signifies freedom of expression.

Or perhaps you are restricted by circumstances for the purpose of concentrating on spiritual matters. The closed eyes indicate a focus upon an inner reality. Eventually the energy of applied imagination can break the bonds of materialism, as shown by the exploding matter in the background. Use your ingenuity and intuition rather than brute force to liberate yourself. In the creative process, this is where you transcend feeling trapped by impossible limits. Necessity forces improvisation; structure ignites spontaneity; limits yield intensity.

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