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A more detailed coverage of two aspects of protozoan methodology, isolation and culture, is presented in appendixes A and B at the end of the book. Each includes a section on further reading. 10 Further Reading Williams, B. L. and Wilson, K. (eds) (1975). A Biologists Guide to Principles and Techniques of Practical Biochemistry. Edward Arnold, London 4 Catabolism and the Generation of Energy. 1 Introduction The production of energy in a usable form, usually adenosine triphosphate (A TP), is a basic requirement of all organisms.

3 Transport of substrates into the cell Few studies of glucose transport have been made, although there is evidence that this is the rate-limiting step of glycolysis. There is a specific transport system for glucose. This contrasts with non-parasitic amoebae which apparently use pinocytosis alone. Phlorrhizin, a general inhibitor of sugar transport in 49 CATABOLISM. I STAGES PARASITIC IN VERTEBRATES animal tissues, has no effect in E. histolytica, indicating differences in the transport systems.

Glycogen and lipid stores are catabolised first, but proteins and amino acids, after deamination, can also be utilised. 3 Transport of substrates into the cell The blood stream transports substrates to the cells. Entry mechanisms into cells are variable. Several are recognised, including simple diffusion down a concentration gradient, facilitated diffusion involving a carrier molecule and active transport which involves both a carrier molecule and the expenditure of energy, and enables substrates to be transported against a concentration gradient.

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