FranCois; Magistretti, Pierre (Ed.) Ansermet's Biology of Freedom: Neural Plasticity, Experience and the PDF

By FranCois; Magistretti, Pierre (Ed.) Ansermet

ISBN-10: 1855756064

ISBN-13: 9781855756069

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The father told how he complied with resignation, stepping off the sidewalk to retrieve his cap. This outcome left its mark on little Sigmund: how could this "big, strong man who was holding the little boy by the hand" let himself be treated this way? This became a memory of the father's demotion fiom a position of prestige, and Freud "contrasted this situation with another which fitted my feelings better: the scene in which Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, made his boy swear . . to take vengeance on the Romans.

3. The concept of plasticitv means that experience can be inscribed in the neuronal network. An event experienced at a given time is marked at the moment and can persist over time. The event leaves a trace and, simultaneously, time is embodied. But this trace can be reworked or put in play again in a different way by being associated with different traces. Bevond biological determinism (neuronal or genetic), and beyond psvchic determinism, the fact of plasticity thus involves a subject who actively participates in the process of his or her becoming, including that of his or her neuronal network.

The passage of ions across the membrane of the neurons generates currents. When a neuron is activated, brief currents due to the passage of sodium (thus of positive charges) from the outside to the inside of the neuron Diego and Haydn 25 (thesecurrents last around five thousandths of a second) are produced along the axon, which temporarily makes the inside of the neuron positive. Thus the potential across the membrane goes from a very negative value, for example, -70 mV, to a very positive one, generally +60 mV.

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