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The cosmic ray counts were scaled down by a factor of 16 and were transmitted as a modulated audio frequency signal on the high frequency carrier. 3°, and it made one revolution around the earth once in 116 sec. As the satellite spent about one third of its time at the night side ofthe earth at very low temperature and at the day side in the scorching Sun, it was specially painted in stripes. This provided good thermal control of the instruments inside where the temperature was maintained between 0° to 35°C.

The bubble of gas in the balloon is held by a smooth roller and the load line is kept anchored to a heavy truck on which the scientific payload is mounted. Two small polythene balloons each with 25 km lift are provided on the load line control instrument packages to assist a smooth launch. 1 : A sketch of a typical load line (not to scale) of a balloon launching by the TIFR-Indian National Balloon Facility at Hyderabad. V. 1). When all systems are ready, command is given for the launching. The clamp holding the balloon bubble is released and the bubble rises up rapidly and moves towards the launch truck.

The rocket engines are basically of two types, the liquid fuel and the solid fuel ones. In the liquid fuel rocket motors the fuel and the oxidizer are stored in separate chambers and these are pumped in a controlled manner into the combustion chamber where they burn and produce high velocity gas. The thrust produced by a rocket motor depends on the type of propellant, and the specific impulse of a propellant is defined as the thrust produced by unit weight of propellant mixture. Commonly used as fuel and oxidizer are kerosene-liquid and liquid-oxygen respectively.

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