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Sikhism: 23 million 10. Juche: 19 million Other major religious traditions with connections to Christianity include Judaism (14 million; rank: 12), Bahá’í (7 million; rank: 13), and Rastafari (600,000; rank: 21). Jesus, his disciples, and most other early followers during the first two generations of Christianity were Jews. E. , “All scripture is inspired by God,” 2 Tim 3:16). , Christians saw themselves as Christians rather than Jews, as opposed to seeing themselves as Jews who were also Christians).

In the New Testament, scribes confronted with the ending of Mark in 16:8 added a longer ending (Mark 16:9-20), supplementing the surprisingly short original ending with traditional material, much of it taken from the other gospels. The Gospel of John originally ended at 20:31, but after the author’s death his followers added chapter 21. Once the books of the Bible achieved essentially their final forms, following their composition and sometimes extensive periods of transmission, how were they chosen for inclusion in the canon?

He called the first ecumenical council at Nicaea in 325, and one of the items on the agenda was a discussion of the proper day to celebrate Easter: some celebrated it always on Sunday, while others observed Easter on whatever day of the week the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection happened to fall. Like the Jewish feast of Passover, whose celebration coincided with the crucifixion and resurrection, the date of Easter was based on a lunar calendar, so its exact date (on the solar calendar) varied considerably from year to year.

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