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In « M I I experience cetaceans in close contact with man experience l lie common cold and epidemics of influenza at the same time 11 COMMUNICATION HKTWKKN M A N AND D O L P H I N that the persons in contact with them experience these diseases. Thus, we introduce the cetaceans to you as free-ranging, pelagic, balanced mammals of the sea. In our humanistic literature, in our politics, in our laws, in our governments, we generate a human species reality. We establish rules for interactions among humans.

N E W BELIEFS ARISE 23 Man and Dolphin was written in 1960. (4) It was translated nito several languages after publication in the United States. ind the Sea of Azov. The French edition (L'Homme et Dauphin) led to the book The Day of the Dolphin, by Robert Merle, a lit lionalized account, presumably based upon our work. Subsequently, in the seventies, this was made into a movie in the 11 nited States. Despite my objections to the use of my name by the movie people and my objections to the misuse of dolphins in the movie, in the service of an undercover agency, the movie was ieleased.

Same as Tursiops. 2. inguage sharable with others. 2. Competent to speak a dolphin 2. Same as Tursiops. language: same as human. 1 Capable of handling personal • iggressive behavior within own croup so as not to kill another human. 3. Same as human. 3. Same as human. roup. 4. Forbidden to kill other dolphins, irrespective of species. ) 4. Exceptions noted: evidence in stomach contents: case of one old Tursiops. i To respond to aggressive action of another human with self-defensive" actions, iLiniaging or even killing if necessary.

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