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Among the bacterial lipids, the acid-fast bac­ teria, including especially tubercle bacilli, have received much attention. The lipids of the acid-fast bacteria are unusual in lacking any ap­ preciable amounts of the glycerides that form the most important part of the depot fats of other species. The main constituents of acid-fast bacteria are waxes of higher molecular weight branched-chain acids (mycolic acids) and polysaccharides (190, 191). The acetone-soluble "fats" of the acid-fast bacteria examined con­ tain in addition to palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids, character­ istic branched-chain fatty acids.

Climatic conditions have been found to influence the content of more unsaturated fatty acids, as shown by Painter and Nesbitt (125) for linseed oil. Similar observations have been made on other unsaturated oils, notably sunflower seed oils. Using seeds taken from field trials in diverse regions of the Australian Commonwealth, Budge and co-workers (126) found that the oils from the Northern Territory contained 3 1 36% linoleic acid as compared with 65% in the most southerly latitudes. The mechanism of the formation of fatty acids in higher plants has not been studied so extensively as in animals.

Bird Depot Fats It would appear that the depot fats of land birds, of which only five species have been examined, are similar to those of nonruminants. However, whereas the depot fats in different parts of the same bird (179, 180) are uniform in composition, differences are found in stearic and Ci 8 unsaturated acid content between the different depot fats of the same animal in some mammalian species, such as the pig (cf. Sec­ tion VI). 1%) of Ci 8 dienoic acid (144). The deposition of the marine type of fat by marine birds (182) is further evidence of the influence of the dietary fat.

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