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Comparative Neurochemistry, a suite of papers awarded on the 5th foreign Symposium of Comparative Neurochemistry, held at St. Wolfgang, Austria in 1962, bargains with adaptations in neurochemical mechanisms in several animal species.
The e-book integrates the knowledge derived from comparative reports in numerous disciplines and assesses their value relating to the knowledge of worried mechanisms in animals, together with human. The papers are grouped into sections, which disguise basic subject matters on sensible association in numerous species; lipids, proteins, and ribonucleic acid; amino acids in several species; strength metabolism and serve as; neurosecretory mechanisms; and comparative neuropharmacology.
The textual content might be of curiosity to biologists, zoologists, pharmacologists, chemists, neurologists, and researchers within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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One relevant biological phenomenon with explanatory value for the long latency period in the jellyfish ganglion seems to be secretion. The incoming impulse could possibly be initiating a process related to secretion which might depolarize and eventually cause a spike in the branching dendrites of the motor neurons. This example has been given deliberately as a possible model of activity where long periods of latency are involved in other nervous systems. It appears to the author that some kind of cumulative build-up akin to secretion, even triggered by a single impulse, could be responsible for many responses with puzzling even longer latency periods in higher animals.

This pattern is common in the optic lobes of arthropods, where connections of this type account for the behaviour of several different units responding when any part of the retina is stimulated. D, an interneuron which receives its input from many sensory neurons with marked summation. There is also a connection with a different type of sensory neuron at the foot of the figure. This pattern is found in locust auditory interneurons. NON-SPECIFIC SYSTEMS AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NEURONS 43 ideas of nervous co-ordination such differences can be (1) anatomical or fixed pathways; (2) chemical differences between transmitters and differential responsiveness to transmitters, thereby creating selective pathways; (3) surface differences as revealed by selective contact specificities which may be inferred from connexions between the neurons themselves, and possibly labile; (4) differences in the time constants of excitation such that stimuli of differing temporal pattern can take differing pathways.

3 3 , 1 2 7 . KOLLROS J. J. ( 1 9 4 2 ) / . Exp. Zool. 8 9 , 3 7 . PREYER W. ( 1 8 8 5 ) Specielle Physiologie des Embryo. Grieben, Leipzig (partial translation by COGHILL E. G. and LEGNER W. K. ( 1 9 3 7 ) . Monogr. Soc. Res. Child Develop. ) PROSSER C . L . ( 1 9 3 3 ) / . Comp. Neurol. 5 8 , 6 0 2 . TRACY Η . C . ( 1 9 2 6 ) / . Comp. Neurol 4 0 , 2 5 3 . NC 4 34 VIKTOR HAMBURGER VISINTINI F . and LEVI-MONTALCINI R . (1939) Schweiz. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. 4 3 / 4 4 , 1. WHITING H. P. ) p. 85.

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