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By Colin G. Scanes

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E x p e r i m e n t a l e v i d e n c e for a g r o w t h - a c c e l e r a t i n g factor o b t a i n a b l e f r o m eyestalks. P u b b l . Staz. Z o o l . Napoli 24: 69-83. Carlisle, DB a n d L M Passano (1953) The x - o r g a n o f Crustacea. Nature 171: 1070-1071. " C a m b r i d g e Univ. Press. Y. Chaix, J - C a n d Μ DeReggi (1982) Ecdysteroid levels d u r i n g ovarian d e v e l o p m e n t a n d e m b r y o g e n e s i s in t h e s p i d e r crabAcanthonyx lunulatus. Gen. C o m p . E n d o c r i n o l .

It ap­ pears that the larval macruran Y-organ is active and possibly responsive t o some kind of control (s) prior t o the functional organization of the ES neurosecretory cen­ ters that control it in the adult. c. Brachyurans. The development of the brachyuran neurosecretory system is different than that of the natantians and macrurans. In those crabs that have an SPXO (such as Pinnotheres maculatus), it develops very early (Pyle, 1943), while the SG and stainable neurosecretory materials are not seen until late larval instar in the crab, P.

O t s u , Τ (1963) B i o h o r m o n a l control of sexual cycle in the freshwater crab,Potamon dehaani. Embry. 8: 1-20. Passano, L M (1951) The X-organ-sinus g l a n d neurosecretory s y s t e m in crabs. Anat. Ree. 111: 502. Passano, L M (1960) M o l t i n g a n d its c o n t r o l . In: "The P h y s i o l o g y of Crustacea" (TH W a t e r m a n , e d ) . V o l . 1 , p p . 473-536. A c a d . Press. Y. Payen, G (1969) Experiences d e greffes d e g l a n d e s a n d r o g e n e s sur le Crabe Carcinus maenas L.

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