Calexit is a National Divorce from the United States

California shares little in common with mainstream America. It’s time we agree to disagree, split up the assets, and part ways.

California's Future, Third Edition

A Guide to National Divorce


Filing for divorce isn't free.

Neither is campaigning for one.

YesCalifornia is a grassroots organization of volunteers who contribute their time, energy and skills in support of the common goal of making California an independent country.

Your contribution will help provide our volunteers with the resources they need to bring the message of independence to forty million Californians.

A Three Step Process For

National Divorce

Reaching a National Divorce settlement will be a long process
but the work we put in now will pay off for generations to come - on both sides of the border.

National Divorce

Splitting up the assets

California has been an American state for nearly two centuries. During that time we have paid more than our fair share of taxes, contributed to the economic success of the country, and we are due our fair share of the wealth we have helped generate.

Sharing the national debt

Since California has benefited from federal government spending that has caused the national debt to swell - now over 26 trillion dollars - it is only fair that California take its fair share of that national debt with it when we separate from the Union.

Peacefully parting ways

When we have reached a point where we have agreed to disagree, we've split up the assets and taken our share of the national debt, the final stage of National Divorce has us working out the particulars of peacefully parting ways.

Every candidate needs an idea. Every campaign needs a platform.



National Divorce candidate

Louis J. Marinelli
for Governor

With me on the ballot in 2022, the election for governor will not be just an election between two candidates or even between two political parties vying for political power. With me on the ballot, this election will be an vote between statehood and nationhood. Governor Newsom will defeat any Republican opponent in November but won't stand a chance running against California independence.

Press Releases

Calexit Leader Louis Marinelli to Make Case for National Divorce at 2022 Liberty Forum

Louis Marinelli will make the case for Calexit and National Divorce at the next annual Liberty Forum taking place next spring in New Hampshire.