Calexit campaign relaunches under new leader


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, July 4, 2017– The Yes California Independence Campaign relaunched this morning with the announcement of a new president. Marcus Ruiz Evans, a co-founder of Yes California who previously served as the organization’s vice president, has taken the helm of the organization and has vowed to continue the effort of advocating for California independence.

“A third of Californians support independence. Virtually every day we have a new example of the growing divide in this country between Americans and Californians, between their government in Washington and our government in Sacramento, and between the policies they voted for in November, and our civil rights and liberties. The growing number of Californians who support independence deserve to be heard and Yes California will once again be a voice for them,” Evans said in a statement.

Among the first actions Evans took in his new role was to close the doors of the organization’s embattled representational embassy and culture center opened last year in Moscow.

“Although well intentioned, it was a distraction, a point of contention, and a source of division among supporters of California independence. It needed to close and now it is closed,” Evans said of the embassy.

Evans also invited the organization’s former president, Louis Marinelli, to serve as a permanent member on the organization’s new board. Marinelli, who founded the movement together with Evans in 2015, accepted the invitation to serve as an advisor, but will not be an officer of the organization.

Meanwhile, Evans vowed as president of Yes California to work cooperatively with “any organization in California that supports California’s independence,” hinting that under his leadership, the various pro-independence organizations in California will be more united than before.

“The cause of independence is already an uphill battle as it is. None of us can afford to be cutting each other off at the knees. We will put our differences aside – be they personal or political – and work together to achieve our common goal, to realize our common dream of an independent Republic of California”

However, the organization stopped short of endorsing a ballot initiative currently pending at the California Attorney General’s Office that, if passed by voters in 2018, would have the governor of California negotiate with the U.S. government to attempt to increase California’s autonomy within the United States, but does not call for a vote on independence to be put directly before the voters.

“The purpose of our campaign at its heart is to give the people of California for the first time in history, a chance to vote yes or no on the question of independence. We believe in a yes-or-no, nationhood-or-statehood referendum. It’s why the name of our organization is Yes California. We’re campaigning for the Yes vote,” Evans explained.




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5 comments on “Calexit campaign relaunches under new leader

  1. July 4, 2017 Bill Berdux

    I signed up with the original CalExit. What is the address? Who are some of the public figures that support this? What can you tell me to re-establish your credibility? I want to cast a vote against Washington’s imposition of draconian laws, failure to support single-payer healthcare, allowing big business to destroy the environment and continuance of never ending war.

  2. July 5, 2017 Denise barlage

    As a California resident I have felt less of a citizen in my own state. Tell me what a yes vote on calexit will do for me.

  3. July 5, 2017 Miguel Ángel Quezada

    Yes, sign me up to help all over Santa Cruz County!

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  5. July 31, 2017 Leslie

    How about a resounding NO California don’t do the dumbest thing any State could possibly do at this moment. And I challenge your data that 1/3 of Ca. supports Calexit. Thats roughly 13Million people. If you meant 1/3 of voters thats a huge lie as well. So,be ready to prove everything you promote.Facts matter now more than ever. We shouldn’t be separating California from the rest of the world. And don’t ever forget, Ca didn’t become what it is today without being a United State. California is great because we are part of the Country in spite of people like you who aim to tear us apart. Good day.


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