Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: What do we have in common anymore?

In a rare television interview with Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas echoed a cornerstone tenet of the California Calexit Campaign, saying he doesn’t know what we as country have in common anymore.

Laura Ingraham: “Are you surprised that — how things are still so rancorous in the United States today about foundational issues?”

Clarence Thomas: “No, I’m not surprised. I mean, what binds us? What do we all have in common anymore? I think we have to think about that. I think this is — when I was a kid, even as we had laws that held us apart, there were things that we held dear and that we all had in common. And I think we have to — we always talk about E pluribus unum. What’s our unum now? We have the pluribus. What’s the unum?”

Justice Thomas is right. Things have changed in this country and we are no longer united by lofty ideals or principles that supercede the partisan and ideological differences that divide us. Nostalgic attachments to the unity of the United States are just that – nostalgia.

This is one of the reasons the California Calexit Campaign exists – more and more, people in California are realizing that the best people to govern California are Californians – not Texans, Wisconsites, or Georgians, or the people of the other states with whom we share less and less in common every day.

Later in the interview, Justice Thomas reiterated his comments saying, “I don’t know what it is that we have, we can say instinctively, we have as a country in common.”

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