Yes California supports the peaceful occupation of Alcatraz Island by the Indians of All Tribes as well as the taking back of all federal lands in California. November 20, 2019 marks the Bicentennial Celebration of The Peaceful Occupation of Alcatraz. The Ohlone Tribe has members from around the  San Francisco Bay Area, and is composed of descendants of the Ohlones/Costanoans from the San Jose, Santa Clara, and San Francisco missions. Indian Canyon is the only federally recognized “Indian Country” between Sonoma and Santa Barbara, and has been sacred land and home for Ohlone/Costanoan people for thousands of years.

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  1. Small is beautiful.

    Bigness only takes from residents and transfers to big government.
    As a Calif born resident in 1926, I support exit from big government USA.
    Such will happen – why put it off?!

  2. Marcos Camargo says:

    From where will California get water to survive after secession? This is a desert and people can’t live off high tech only.

    • Luis Higuera says:

      Our main water supply comes from the San Joaquin river from water that comes from the Sierra mountains soo I think well be good

  3. There is something called trade, something we have left over.
    You can also put desalination plants …

    Let’s see if we inform ourselves …..

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