Greenland is an autonomous Danish dependent territory with self-government and its own parliament. Denmark contributes two thirds of Greenland’s budget revenue, the rest coming mainly from fishing.

But what does Greenland and Denmark have anything to do with Calexit?

“Today we are announcing the expansion of the Calexit plan to be even bigger and more ambitious than ever before,” Louis J. Marinelli, a Calexit co-founder explained. “The new Calexit plan I am pleased to present today will not only bring about the first successful, peaceful, and legal secession of an American state from the United States but starting today the new Calexit plan now includes the establishment of the first-ever autonomous Native American nation in North America.”

The plan is to retrocede virtually all federally-owned properties in California back to its original occupants, the California Native Americans, the organization said, adding that the federal government currently owns about 47 percent of the land in California.

“This new Calexit plan reaches higher and farther than any previous attempt in history to right the wrongs the American government has committed throughout its history against the Native Americans,” Marinelli said.


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  1. Teresa Voss says:

    So basically the property I just purchased in Phelan, CA would be taken away from me and given to the Indians. Hmmmmm, are you kidding me. Also, if you do manage to get this thru, you will need to buy many of us out of your new country we don’t want any part of. AS AMERICANS we are always Americans, and therefore you would need to purchase our properties so that we could move back to America. So tell me how you are planning on doing that???????

  2. Would you be building a wall between the autonomous native nation and the Republic of California on the west and the USA on the east? Surely you will want to keep out the deplorables. You will have to have an army to enforce your borders and protect the sovereignty of your country. When the BIG ONE hits the ROC, will you be expecting the citizens of your former country to contribute to the rebuilding of your country? Good luck with that!

  3. And Yes California Now says:

    YesCalifornia’s decision to support dividing CA along a racial / ethnic boarder is disgusting.

    The leadership of YesCalifornia has more in common with the KKK than the millions of reasonable people who believe all residents of the USA will be much better off when CA succeeds.

    Please join me in ending this evil organization ASAP.

    California as a nation has a future. This racist organization should not.

    Yes, I fear for my personal safety from this group. So should you all.

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