YesCalifornia to once again give California independence an international platform

The YesCalifornia Calexit Campaign earlier this month accepted an invitation to the third Dialogue of Nations conference set to take place in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The conference, which is being organized by the Donetsk People’s Republic, is set to take place April 29-30 and will include representatives from independence-seeking peoples from around the world coming together to discuss self-determination, a multipolar world, and to establish a working group on creating a collective appeal to the United Nations with a request to ensure unhindered compliance and implementation of human rights such as the right to self-determination.

“We attended this conference before and by doing so we gave an international platform to millions of Californians who believe in an independent California Republic – a platform they had never been given in the United States. In accepting this new invitation, we intend to once again bring the cause of California independence to an international audience,” Marcus Ruiz Evans, YesCalifornia’s president said.

“In response to our participation at the previous Dialogue of Nations conference which took place in Moscow, American media painted our organization as a Russian-backed, Kremlin-funded organization doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. However, last year the State of California investigated YesCalifornia and even subpoenaed our bank records and closed their investigation stating that the allegations lodged against us had been disproven,” Evans said.

The organization said it is now emboldened and will unapologetically accept a platform to bring international attention to the cause of California independence at the upcoming conference in Donetsk. “It’s really perfect timing – this summer in anticipation of Donald Trump being re-elected president, we will be preemptively filing for an independence referendum so that it is cleared for signature circulation the day after Election Day.”

“At this conference, we intend to lay out the case for California independence, the plan to achieve California independence, and the legality of our actions for the whole world to see,” Evans said, adding that he intends to deliver remarks remotely if technically possible and correct the historical record on a number of myths propagated by American media.

“When American media talk about Calexit, they like to talk about Louis Marinelli, the organization’s previous president, who now lives in Russia and who has not been actively participating in the campaign for three years. They do this to tie our campaign to Russia. But what they conveniently fail to say is that I, Marcus Ruiz Evans, a native of California, founded this movement with Louis back in 2014 and have been leading it since 2017.”

Meanwhile, Louis Marinelli, the permanent representative of the Independent Republic of California to Russia, will represent YesCalifornia (the only Calexit organization participating) in Donetsk at Mr. Evans’ request. “I am not an activist anymore. I prefer my new private life in Russia. However, Marcus and I have maintained our friendship and working relationship over the years and I have always been there for him when he has sought my advice or expertise. So again, I will be happy to step up to do what I can for a cause we both founded, we both strongly believe in, and for which we have both so passionately fought for.”

“I have always said the Calexit campaign has three campaigns: a state campaign for a referendum, a national campaign to get American support, and an international campaign to build international relationships with the hope of earning international recognition for an independent California one day. That was our goal when I spoke at the conference in 2016 in Moscow, and that continues to be our goal going into Donetsk in 2020,” Marinelli said in explaining his reemergence to speak at the conference.

“And for any Americans out there who have a problem with California separatists going to Donetsk, a republic described by American media as “occupied by Russia” which straddles the border of Ukraine and Russia, we quote former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg: what would America do if it had a contiguous country and a lot of people in that country wanted to be Americans. Does California ring a bell? We just went and took it,” Marinelli said.