WATCH: YesCalifornia hosts recall election debate

As authorized by the Calexit Congress, the California Independence Movement under the umbrella of Yes California hosted a debate yesterday between three declared candidates vying to replace Governor Gavin Newsom should an effort to recall him qualify later this month.

Hosted by Marcus Ruiz Evans, president of YesCalifornia, the debate is the first of its kind not only for YesCalifornia but also for the upcoming recall election campaign, giving participating candidates a unique opportunity to discuss issues important to Californians and to get their message out.

Joining Marcus were three declared candidates who accepted an invitation to participate: Grover Colthorp, Dakota Vaughn, and Nickolas Wildstar, all of which fielded questions from Mr. Evans, as well as a news reporter on topics ranging from Governor Newsom’s handling of the pandemic, the necessity of a recall election one year from a general election, income inequality, taxes, and homelessness. The candidates also had the chance to weigh in on reopening schools, and finally, a question on California’s independence from the United States.

For more information about Grover Colthorp, please visit his website.

For more information about Dakota Vaughn, please visit his website.

For more information about Nickolas Wildstar, please visit his website.

Other declared candidates failed to respond in time to participate in the debate.