Calexit Congress now at work building the future of the California Independence Movement

One month ago, Yes California announced the creation of the Calexit Congress, an assembly of Californians from across the state who support independence from the United States. This Congress is now at work doing the business it was established to do: discuss and vote on the agenda, set the strategy, and decide the future of Calexit.

The Calexit Congress, which is comprised of current and former members of every group known to openly support California independence, has already made two big decisions. First, it approved a new mission statement for the California Independence Movement.

Henceforth, the new official mission of the California Independence Movement is as follows:

To be recognized as the forefront leaders of the Calexit movement, to raise awareness among Californians that it is reasonable to discuss independence, and to raise the status of California as a nation to Americans and the rest of the world.

Established with the goal of formally organizing and consolidating the California Independence Movement under a single flag with one unified voice, to democratize its processes, and add transparency in its operations, the Calexit Congress has additionally demonstrated its intent to take action.

“One problem that we’ve always seen is that there has always been more people that have wanted to be involved in the California Independence Movement than there has been, at times, things for them to actually do,” said Louis Marinelli, the brainchild of the Calexit Congress said. “This gives us the ability to not only give our supporters a way to be involved in setting the strategy and agenda of the entire movement, but also to address some issues our supporters have been concerned with: the democratization of our campaign decisions and, frankly, transparency of our operations. With this new Calexit Congress, we get everyone involved in a very public way to democratically establish our path going forward, together, under one flag and with one voice, and offer the public quite a bit of transparency to see who is actually running this campaign: the people of California.”

With the goal of taking action in mind, the Calexit Congress pro-actively authorized and organized the first governor recall election debate. It was hosted by Yes California president Marcus Ruiz Evans on March 1 and attended by three candidates who have already declared their candidacy in the upcoming recall election, should the effort to recall Gavin Newsom qualify later this month.

You can watch that debate here.

Now the Calexit Congress is finalizing its structural organization, as the bulk of its work will take place in an online forum hosted on their website. In the coming days and weeks and into the foreseeable future, the Congress members will be doing what they have been assembled to do: raise funds for the California Independence Movement and decide how those funds are spent, pass resolutions that establish the official position of the California Independence Movement as a whole, and set the agenda and plot the course for Calexit moving forward.

You can join the Calexit Congress! Visit their website and join today. Be part of the California Independence Movement. Cast a vote and your voice be heard on what the future of the movement will look like.

All from the comfort of your home.