To the people of the United States of America and to the peoples of the world:

In 1776 the people of the several United States of America peacefully declared the end of their political allegiances and obligations to Great Britain. History teaches that past events often recur with striking similarities. Today we bear witness to this truth.

Certain conditions that existed then exist today with striking similarity, and we take this opportunity to explain to our brother and sister states, as well as to the international community, why a divorce between California and the United States has become necessary, just as it became necessary for the thirteen original colonies to separate from Great Britain. Indeed, the American people bravely sought to assume sovereignty over their own affairs, to peacefully become a separate and independent country, and this is a right of all peoples, a principle today enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

First we acknowledge the following universal truth: All people are fundamentally equal, that our most basic common link is that we all inhabit one planet, and that in consequence, we all share common fundamental rights which cannot be deprived by man, nor by government, as well as a common responsibilities which must not be ignored by man, nor by government. These rights include life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue one’s own destiny. These responsibilities include a concern for the right of future generations to inhabit this planet as we do today.

We further acknowledge that the purpose of government is to protect these rights, to ensure the equal application of the laws which protect those rights, and to fulfill our collective responsibility. But when a government has repeatedly demonstrated its intention to restrict, deny, or revoke those rights from the people, or habitually neglect our collective responsibility, then the people have a further right and responsibility to separate themselves from that government, and to create their own country. This new government and country must be founded upon the same rights which we assert to be universal and irrevocable, and accepting of the responsibility we assert to be collective, and it should be organized in such a manner that the people may enjoy life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue their individual and collective destiny, and to fulfill their collective responsibility to future generations.

It is necessary to subjectively analyze the conditions at hand before making the decision to separate from one’s country to form a new one, in order to ensure that these conditions do in fact warrant such separation. It is a historical fact, especially in this country today, that people tend to complain about things both with and without just cause. Oftentimes, the things that people in this country complain about are normal aspects of life that can and ought to be dealt with within the existing legal and political system. However, when certain intolerable conditions exist, as they do today, that cannot be rectified due to widespread systematic corruption and dysfunction, then it is not only the right, but the duty of the people to establish for themselves a new and independent country. The people of California have suffered in such a way for a long time, and it has become necessary to declare our independence from the United States of America to become an independent country.

What follows is a listing of our grievances against the United States of America.

The United States ignores its own constitution and it has as a result taken extra-constitutional powers for itself at the expense of California’s sovereignty, and this has destroyed the system of Federalism promised to the people of California upon admission into the Union in 1850.

The United States prevents California from enforcing sensible laws that protect the people of California, and from undertaking public works projects we need.

The United States has allowed corporations to exert such massive influence on Congress that its members no longer serve the interests of the people for which they were elected to represent, and California already lacks fair and adequate representation in Congress without the additional hardship of this corporate influence.

The United States has unilaterally and against our will withdrawn California from important international accords which not only makes it difficult for us fulfill our responsibilities as patrons of the planet but also directly threatens the health and wellbeing of our people, and the very integrity of the territory of California.

The United States has mismanaged our forests and exploited our other natural resources for their enrichment, resulting in widespread disasters that have caused damage to California communities, and even the loss of life. They have sold off California’s natural resources, and continue to allow pollution-causing industries to harvest our natural resources to the detriment of our environment. They even intend to open our entire coastline to unwelcome, pollution-causing industries so that they may, against our will, harvest more resources off our shores.

The United States is a direct threat to millions of California residents due to its unfair and unreasonable immigration laws, and broken immigration system. American immigration officers at this very moment are targeting residents of California in major paramilitary operations, they are threatening members of the California government with arrest and prosecution, and their actions will inevitably separate families and disrupt a critical aspect of California’s economy.

The United States has co-opted our local police departments and have armed them with military grade equipment and supplies. These militarized police forces endanger and spread fear and distrust across California and function as paramilitary forces beholden to the federal government.

The United States ignores laws democratically adopted by direct vote of the California people.

The United States restricts our free trade with other nations and has unilaterally placed tariffs that disproportionately and negatively impact the people of California.

The United States has passed tax laws that disproportionately hurt the people of California and force us to pay an even greater share of taxes than we already do.

The United States intends to conduct an unfair and biased Census which will disproportionately and intentionally hurt the people of California by reducing our representation in Washington, which will also reduce our voice in the Electoral College.

The people of the United States regularly berate, ridicule, and disown California as one of their own, violating the notion of common decency and good nature between a united people. This hostility towards California’s culture, principles, and values is also manifested within their government.

It is not as though these circumstances are being voiced for the first time. The people of California have regularly and increasingly expressed our discontent with the corrupted, broken and dysfunctional country to which we are presently attached. Our congressional representatives and senators are virtually powerless in a system where there are often a plurality, if not majority of states’ interests pitted against California’s interests. We find no more hope in the American people than we do in their government and therefore must consider them just as much as part of the problem as is Washington.

Therefore, we the people of California, pending the results of a fair and honest referendum vote, in an appeal to the mutually-respected principles of justice and democracy, with rights guaranteed us by the Charter of the United Nations, and the United States Constitution, declare that California is hereby a free and independent country. We declare that we are no longer bound by allegiance to the United States and that all political connections are completely dissolved.

As a free and independent country, California will have the responsibility to defend itself, negotiate peace treaties, form alliances, set up trade agreements and to do every other function of government that any other independent country can do. To that end and with a firm dependence on the protection of the principles of self-determination and self-government which are shared by our American brothers and sisters, we promise that we will protect our new nation with our honor, our wealth, and our lives if need be.