Military Defense

The United States spends more on its military than the next several countries combined. Californians subsidize this massive military budget with our taxes. Consider this: the United States spends about 600 billion dollars each year on the military and that number is rapidly rising.

  • $560 B in 2015
  • $580 B in 2016
  • $606 B in 2017
  • $639 B in 2018
  • $686 B in 2019

Taxes collected from California normally account for about 13 percent of the federal budget each year. So approximately how much has California been paying for national defense?

  • $72.8 B in 2015
  • $75.4 B in 2016
  • $78.8 B in 2017
  • $83.1 B in 2018
  • $89.2 B in 2019

How does that compare to other countries around the world? Consider these 2018 defense budgets, starting with the next largest after the United States.

  • China $168.2 B
  • Saudi Arabia $82.9 B  
  • Russia $63.1 B
  • India $57.9 B
  • The United Kingdom $56.1 B

Does California need the third largest military budget in the world?

Of course not. An independent California will be able to focus our priorities on important quality of life issues such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure while still providing for the defense and security of our country.