California Secession Supporters Find More Interest After Election

It's not the first time a state has reacted this way. Texas made threats in 2012 when President Obama won re-election.

‘Calexit’ Organizers Get Permission To Gather Petition Signatures For California To Secede

A group called Yes California got permission to start gathering signatures for a petition to secede from the U.S.

Secession vs. a Two-State Solution in California | The Daily Show

Michael Kosta meets with both a liberal activist who wants California to secede and a conservative radio host calling for the state to be divided along political party lines.

¿Es posible que California logre la independencia de Estados Unidos?

Tras la victoria de Donald Trump en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos ha tomado fuerza la iniciativa conocida como ‘Calexit’, que busca la independencia de California del país.

Stossel: Let Them Leave!

In 2018, California may vote on leaving the US. Regions around the world want independence from countries that control them. Stossel says if people want to secede—let them!

Protesters call for California to secede from U.S.

Protesters call for California to secede from U.S.